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Grievance Form PDF Format


Please refer to page two of the grievance form when completing this form. Page two contains instructions. The form must be completed as accurately as possible. If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact the Grievance Board's office at (304) 558-3361 or Toll-Free (866) 747-6743.


Intervention Form PDF Format


On timely request, an employee shall be allowed to intervene and become a party to a grievance at any level, when that employee claims the ruling in a grievance may substantially and adversely affect that employee's rights or property, and when that employee's interest is not adequately represented by the existing parties. Employers are encouraged to give notice to employees who could be substantially and adversely affected by the decision in a pending grievance that such employees may make a written request to intervene. Employees who may be directly affected by a ruling in a particular grievance are encouraged to intervene. An employee who intervenes in a grievance proceeding may make affirmative claims for relief in matters related to the grievance, as well as assert defensive claims, and may appeal to circuit court like any other party.


Level Two - Mediation Agreement Form PDF Format


After receiving a level one decision, the grievant or intervenor may file to level two using the original grievance form, or a copy thereof, to request one of three alternative dispute resolution methods. The party filing shall indicate on the grievance form which method is selected. If basic mediation by an administrative law judge is not selected, the parties are required to submit written documentation noting the agreement of all parties on the alternative selected.


Cost Report Form PDF Format


A separate Cost Report Form must be submitted for each Grievance proceeding. See W. Va. Code § 6C-3-3.


Level One Hearing Guidelines PDF Format


🚧 Under Construction 🚧​


Employee Organization Registration Form PDF Format


Per W. Va. Code § 6C-2-2(f).