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​​NOTICE: The Grievance Board's website has been updated. The stand alone keyword search engine is no longer a link by itself. You may search by keyword in the database search link. The option to search by keywords can be found there along with several other options such as: Respondent, Outcome, Topics, Employment Type, Job Title and more.

To search by Keyword, click the Database Search link located on the left of this webpage or found under Online Services. The field to enter keywords is the seventh row down, third field over.



The June 29, 2020 Hearing Procedures Order has been vacated and the emergency procedures established in that order are no longer in effect.  Any party with a procedural concern relating to COVID-19 may address their concern in writing to the assigned administrative law judge.   Please click here to view the Grievance Board's notice regarding exhibits.


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Search Database by form: Click here for instructions on how to use this form. This search option enables you to search decisions in the database using a variety of filter options, including keyword search.

Download Full Decisions Database
The full database contains summaries of all decisions rendered by the Administrative Law Judges. The database is updated on a monthly basis and can be downloaded in a compressed format for use with Microsoft Access. See all Online Services

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